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                                             Camie is sold

Blue Ribbon Winner
on left
at Windsor Fair, Windsor Maine.


Matthew  is sold too

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On Ordering an Item/s:
  To order an Item or doll just send me an e-mail with what you want from my site and Iíll get back with you on the total with shipping & if it still in stock.
You'll need to write in email, Name & number of doll or Items you want...  (for more information see ..shipping section in purple squares on home page
  Send orders to my email address at And Iíll get back to you as soon as I can.  

*Prices are as marked plus Shipping/Handling charges

Dolls come filled will Polly-fill, Polly-beads & Sand or glass beads where stated and no sand.  I hand rooted most of my babies with mo-hair, their  hair & eye lashes. Where stated some have wigs on them to give an older child look. They are hand painted with genesis paint with many layers to get that special baby look. All done with tender loving care by me. Some outfits are hand made by me; others I put real baby clothes on them, so you can see that they can wear real baby clothes too. All are numbered, dated & sign on their butts so you'll know each is made special by me. Come with a little birth certificate with all their information on it.
 Dolls may come in outfit different then pictured, I sometime change them for different seasons.   Click here to see more Dolls

Clyde David (boy)
(Clyde face mold)
18" newborn
DOB Feb 21, 2018 @ 1:18pm
Brown Hair & Blue/grey eyes

Ashley Claire as an Girl
you choose which sex you want....
Zarita Adalia
20.5" Reborn
(princess Leonor face)
rooted Black hair
golden brown tone skin
closed eyes
DOB Jan. 1, 2014
@ 12:01 am

(she is filled w/crushed glass beads
 "no sand in her")
Baby- 78
Ava Charlotte
Adopted  Nov 2020

Baby -115
Bradyn Jakob
17" reborn (Berenguer)
Hand Rooted black hair
Closed eyes (Sleeping)
hand panited & weighted cloth body
DOB Oct. 8, 2010 @4:51pm

$145.00* sale 120.00

Sophia Amelia
Adopted Jan 2021

Randale Roy
Adopted Dec 2020


Adaline Arabella 
20" Reborn (Berenguer)
 (babylin face) 1/4 limbs

Hand Rooted Blond Hair
& blue eyes
DOB Feb 9, 2007

(10 yrs old now)

Doll- 128
Danielle Rhonda
22" Apple Valley
Baby body
(Danny face)
big brown eyes
brown pony tail wig

was $199.

Desiree Paige
Adopted 2019

Piper Grace
21.5"  Apple Valley
(Tina face)
Hazel eyes
honey blonde hair (bebe wig) Not shown here
hand painted with cloth body
DOB Apr 26, 2016
was $165.00
now $150.00

Matthew Lee
Ashton Drake Doll ?




Baby- Caroline (in purple)
5" lots to Love  reborn
Hand rooted blonde hair, blue eyes and hand painted all vinyl body
DOB Dec 9, 2017
come with blanket, riding toy
and another outfit...


baby- Becky Lee (in blue)

18" Starpath doll-Wishing Star
Comes as you see her in her box...




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* Prices do not include shipping charges.  Toys & things in pictures don't come with dolls unless stated...


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