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Welcome to my Wedding page, where you can get some of the things you need to plan your doll wedding...
come take a look and see if you can find that perfect .....
Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaides Dresses, Tuxs & Wedding cakes                                      

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New..... Heirloom Wedding Dresses
this means dresses that has been cut out of a real wedding dress, so it's makes it like a dress passed down to an Daughter, Granddaughter, God Daughter, Foster Child, Friend or niece maybe...

 Heirloom Wedding Dress #1
is a 5 pc set, Dress, Veil, stiff slip,White shoes & flowers...
Dress has a pearls & lace top & short sleeves with lace &
 pearls cut out down the front and lace & pearls around the
 bottom of dress. The back has a bow and closes with
buttons. Veil is a cap like with pearls & lace too to match
 the dress. Flowers has a dropped flower
 and are Purple,
blue & white.

White slip on shoes
 to go with wedding dresses
$6.50 each
other colors for bridesmaids too,
 see shoes.... $6.50 each
Heirloom Dress #3
"Simply Pink"
this one is also a 4 pc set dress, veil, stiff slip & flowers.
this dress is White with a pink under skirt given it that
soft pink color... has a little touch of pearls & lace on
 top with no sleeves and has pearls running down the
 sides of the split, inside the splitis pink satin. has a
 little app of pearls & lace in corner of front with
a train of pearls & lace in back with a bow.
closes with buttons.
Veil is a soft sheer pink with white flowers
& pearls headband.
Flowers are dropped with pink & white...


Heirloom wedding dress #4
5pc " Lacey Mermaid"
dress with lacey drop skirt
with a pearls beaded belt, short veil,
 lacey jacket, slip & pretty flowers


Heirloom wedding dress #5
3 pc "Short & Sassy"
Dress has an sheer overlay, back has heart shape
 with hanging pearls (like original dress) &
gold ribbon belt with white flower at waist, bright
colored flowers bouquet & gold veil with white flowers.

Wedding dress #10
"My Southen Bell"
4pc wedding dress set, comes with dress, stiff slip.
hat & flowers. dress has layer of ruffles and a heart
cut out in back. has a lacey top with a little bling on it.

Wedding dress set #7
"Golden days"

3 pc Ivory & gold Dress, Veil & flowers as
seem in pictures... Good for that golden Anniverary

Wedding dress # 6
"Old fashion Lace"
3 pc wedding dress, veil & flowers
All lace dress with white bow on front with jewel button for
some bling... has a white trim around collar with pearls.
Has a short train in back... Veil has lace around it with
flowers & pearls on top. closes with snaps...

Wedding dress #9
"Sheer Pink"
This 4 pc set Wedding dress is done in pink Lace for the bride
 that likes pink. the dress is white with pink lace overlay and
 lace across bottom.has a short train in back of lace. with a hat
 like veil & flowers & stiff slip.

Wedding dress #11
4 pc set White Mermaid dress
with jacket , Veil & Flowers

3 pc grooms set or father of the Bride
Black pants, Vest and white shirt
& blue bow tie... Should have 3 more
ties with it
 in different colors...
for Boy or Girl

sample of What black & white cake
looks like at wedding....

sample of the Suclan cake set up for
 wedding party..

black tux suit with pink vest & tie,
 white shirt
White tux jacket & black pants
 with blue vest & tie

Bridesmaides Dresses

dusty Rose formal dress, has pearls & lace at hem
flower & pearls at waist with heart cutout in back...

2 pc Rose dress has sheer overlay with pink
under it & a pink Headband 
with pink flower.

1970"s styles 4 pc Bidesmaids set
Dusty pink bride's maid dress, hat & slippers
with flowers. Has embroidery hearts & flowers
around the skirt. white trim at waist with a flower
& ribbons and large bow in back.
Hat has white & pink ribbon & flowers in back.
 Closes with snaps in the back. 
Dress also has a train in back.

Mixed color flower
print MuuMuu (peach)Dress

"Daisy formal"
2 pc Long purple dress with flower band on
top with thin pink ribbon on hem of dree w/matching

2 pc green formal dress with rose cutouts
 & jacket

 14" Flower girl"
Purple Dress with Shimming top with scarf
flower at waist comes with flowers

5 pc set
Pink flower girl dress
dress has lace overlay and lace
sleeves. white trim at neck & white bow
with flower on front. comes with pink shoes,
socks, flowers & pink barrets.

"14-Flower girl"
Pink/peach floral silky dress
comes with flowers

2 pc Animal print dress with Jacket
(black on skirt is velvet like)

2pc orange sundress with Jacket...

zebra lacy print dress

4 pc set "Christmas Wedding bridesmaid"
Green bride's maid dress with silver bow with pearls at
 neck, silver ribbon around waist & bottom of dress
with red flowers. there's red & green ribbon at
 waist with red flower. closes with snaps.
 comes with slip,
hair bow & flowers.

"Summer days"
3 pc turq. sundress with hat for wear on the beach...
comes with flowers as show below...
18" size doll Wedding Cakes...
"for foam cakes only"
the cakes are made using steroform, glue,
 silicone,paint & flowers.
Do not Eat the Cakes,
"just for decoration only"
Cakes of all kinds, maybe just one of them
will fit your wedding plans....
Have fun planning it... :-)

Cake #8*
Red & Silver Wedding Cake

Wedding cake #9
round cake with flowers around it..

Wedding cake #14
very pretty 2 layers plant cake...

Wedding Cake #13
 white roses 3 layers cake

Wedding Cake #15
3 layer black & white bear cake

Cake #10
to the moon & back wedding cake


Wedding cake #12
purple Mr $ Mrs cake

You only get the cakes no other decorations
comes with them, this just gives you an idea
on how you can fix things up for your own
dolls wedding... Have fun and let your
Imaginations run wild, making up your own
doll wedding... I just add a few things here to
 help you in doing just that....
with dresses, tuxs, suits & the cakes...

Happy Wedding Day to all you doll friends
out there :-)


$2.00 off the cake, when you buy
an outfit to go with it.... :-)