On Ordering an Item/s:
  To order an Item or doll just send me an e-mail with what you want from my site and Iíll get back with you on the total with shipping & if it still in stock.
You'll need to write in email, Name & number of doll or Items you want...  (for more information see below on how to order).....

    Send orders to my email address at urspecial2@roadrunner.com And Iíll get back to you as soon as I can.  

    I prefer pay pal or Cashier Checks (credit/debit cards through Pay Pal ) (send to urspecial2@roadrunner.com)
Local pick up orders can be done in Augusta area for those that want or need that.
Days are Tuesday or Thursday but that can change any time, so make an appointment if that's what you want and we'll see what we can work out for you..
or here in Windsor on any day with appointment....

To Order:
Sample: (AG-American girl, BB-bitty baby, WW- Wellie Wishers, MT-My Twinn, Lg.- large baby doll & Md.- other baby dolls)
 all this information is right on the pages you would order from.  (You can copy & paste information to me too if that's easier for you... and I can get back with you on the order total with shipping cost )
sorry if this is hard for you, but it's the best I can do for now... thanks for taking your time to place an order...

Order form would look something like this..... 

Subject Box: You're Special Too Order....

Items Number                        Name of Items                           Price on web site
AG-449                               Green poinsettia dress                                    $14.00
BB-152                                Christmas Caroler dress                                 $15.00
Child-40 (size 6x)                Kit's orange dress W/dolls                              $35.00
Baby-108                            Aiden Landon†† (Reborn)                               $145.00 
    then send order to me....
       I'll confirmed your order, tell you the Shipping cost......                          $30.00
                                                   your total cost will be                    $239.00 
thanks for your order.... when payment is received; I'll ship your order out to you. 


Shipping will depend on Zip code and size of order, Insurance & tracking will be extra. 

I can ship by Priority mail, Parcel Post or 1st class your choice; let me know when ordering,
so I can get you the right price and if you want insurance or tracking.

Dolls will be shipped in boxes and should be about $25.00-$30. in USA (But with prices going up all the time who knows what it well be,
would have to be weighted and zip code given for final cost.)
Children clothes or large orders
will be shipped in a box and by weight & Zip code.
Doll clothes will be mail in large envelopes (About $4.00) unless large order, then will be put in a box or unless you ask for a box.

If you have any questions or special orders feel free to e-mail me. Thanks for stopping by.