Hello and welcome to my web site Youíre Special Too! 


        I am glad you stopped by, I hope you enjoy your visit and find what youíre looking for. Feel free to look all you want and take your time, no hurry here.

†  If you would like to see my dolls and clothes in person be sure to stop by one of my craft shows and I'll be more than happy to show them to you and be sure to say hello and let me know you found me on my web site.
 For list of Dates and Places I'll be at in Maine, look on home page under craft shows seen at top of the page, I have them listed there.

        I have been sewing on and off for over 35 years for my family and enjoy it. I had friends and others ask me to sew for them and that's what got me started, now I sew for children & their dollsalso matching outfits for playing fun. 


I also got hooked on making dolls for my daughters and me, and so now I am sharing them with you and giving you a chance to fall in love with them too.

†     I have lots of happy new parents out there with their new little one; I have so many people telling me they look so real that they have to look twice to make sure they are not real. Some think they look so real it scary! So far everyone has been happy and only one so far came back to have some lashes put back on.

New for 2014
I am learning how to fix the 18" AG girls; so that I can put them back together if a limb falls off or tighten up the elastic on them, so feel free to ask if I can fix your doll too.
  Dolls can be put on lay away  if you want or need too, a $25.00 deposit to hold it, a payment will have to be made with in a month time. You will not get $25.00 deposit back if you change your mine and don't want the doll. (Special arrangement might be made if longer time is needed for paying off the doll).

    All my doll clothes are one of a kind, so I donít usually have any alike, if they are same material I try to put something different on them to make them look a little different. Once in a while I do make more than one if it's a big hit and everyone want one, but then it's not as special that way, so I try not to do it very offen. I like to keep them special just as each of us are...

   I may not always have what you see on my site, it might of have been sold and havenít been removed yet, so Iíll let you know when you order come in if I still have it or not. I try to remove them as soon as I can but during the holiday we get very busy here so may take a while to get them removed. If it is sold and you still like it then maybe I can make one from a different material for you (if I don't have any of that one/color left), be sure to ask if you do.    


If you have any questions or a special orders, feel free to e-mail me. Thanks for stopping by, Hope to hear from you real soon, bye now,

Rhonda Clark

Windsor, Maine


Little information on how I picked the name for my business...

 I wanted a name that would mean something and be special too, so I thought long and hard about it. I prayed to our heavenly father above (for he would be a big part of this too) asking for a name that would let everyone know how much they mean to me & just what these dolls & things mean to them and what they could mean to others too. I wanted everyone that visit us or my site to feel welcome and would know they could feel welcome at my craft shows too.

I came up with many ideas but they just didn't seem right. Then it came to me "You're Special Too!" Then everyone would know they are special to us & to God, doesn't make no different what we look like, old or young, whole or handicap we are all special in our own way and I wanted everyone to feel just that, Special too! That our babies dolls, and our other dolls are special to us and we want special things for them too. So that's how the name came about...

When I say you're special too or U R special 2,  I have folks say thank you and I would say your welcome... :-) For you all Are Special Too...