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My Books are sold on my web page, at craft shows or on blurb for now... enjoy


Written and Illustrated by Me,  Rhonda Russell Clark
(Some may be Illustrated by others and I'll tell you that with each book listed.)
I am now writing books for Children and put them into print.  So here's your chance to get a copy of them.

 I hope you and your children have as much fun reading them as I did writing them. 
I put the review I got under each book... feel free to let me know what you think of them too by writing to me... thanks to all those that bough and liked my books....

I can sign each book ordered if you want me too, just ask when ordering them (when ordering from me only.)  

All My Books can be Ordered or Preview at
this link is for Island mouse but can view all my books there too). If link don't work just look under Rhonda Russell Clark and that should bring up a list of my books also.

~Prices are without shipping cost.... Books can be picked up or seen at one of my craft shows here in Maine too!

                                                                   My Books Listing 
Book #1
-Book: Island Mouse  $13.95~ (soft cover) with black and white pictures  
(6 copies available on my web site/shows)                          

6"x 9" book with 44 pages 
for age 8 and up  (chapter book)              
Island Mouse book.jpg (1095579 bytes)

This story is about Gus a field mouse, and his family living on an Island in Maine. Where they learn about people by
following them and watching what they do. 
(Great for any age) 
Number of copies sold to date 10

Loved the story, couldn't wait to see how it would end... Gina
Great story can't wait to read the next one... Becky
Thanks, I liked the story, very cute... Rachel
Couldn't put it down, just had to finish it to see what happen next... Reta
Mice sure had a fun time... Laurie
Really cute story... Gloria

Island Mouse  (soft cover)  with colored pictures in book can be ordered at address below

You can preview books at this address too...
*   Island Mouse by Rhonda Russell Clark   (Can also be ordered in a hard cover copy)

Book #2
-Book: Tommy and his Dirty Hair  $13.95(soft cover)  
  (4 copies still available on my web site/shows)     Aug 2011                                                        

5"x 8" book with 28 pages  for age 5 and up  (colored picture book)

book cover.jpg (155357 bytes)

This story is about a little boy that doesn't like to wash his hair and keep clean and what happens to him.
(Pictures was drawn by my 7 year old daughter & a few by me.)

Very cute little book, good message in it... John
Very cute story... Dot
I liked it, different... Glen
Really cute little story... Gloria
that was a funny story Aunty...Lee (9 year old)

Copies sold to date 5
( Tommy and his Dirty Hair  in* hard cover #2387624  can only be ordered at Address below for ( $27.95 plus shipping)

*     Tommy and his Dirty Hair by Rhonda Russell Clark   

Book #3
2012-003: Snowy Learns a Lesson  (Soft Cover) 
About a White D'Anver Rooster that's runs away from home, because he can't get along with the other Rooster Chester. What happen to him and how he learns, home is best no matter what happen to him there.
6"x 9" book with 42 pages  for age 8 and up  (chapter book) 
(6 copies still available)


snowy front cover.jpg (1009822 bytes)



like it, so much like what happen in real life . John

Loved it  the little girl and her bird care for each other so much. Phyllis

so cute, liked the happy ending.... Laurie

Love chicken stories- Bev
I liked that story... Shawn (7 years old)


Book #4
2012-004: Russell Children Adventures - Snow Zoo (Soft Cover) $ 13.95
About a family and what the children do during winter break from school, build a zoo of snow animals...
5"x8 " book with 36 pages ($11.95) or 6"x9" book w/ 33 pages 
for age 6 and up



looks like they had a good time.... Phyllis

cute story... Laurie

Very cute story, I liked it...  Raelene

loved hearing stories about my mother, can't wait for more... Shawn


 #5  New


2012-005: Island Mouse- The log playhouse   (Soft Cover) $11.95

About a family of mice making a play house out of an old hollow log. Fun they have with their friends.

5"x7" book with 24 pages  for ages 5 and up

5 copies available) 1 copy has color pictures for $13.95


                                                                    Little playhouse you can buy to go along with my Island Mouse stories... (does not include any books)         Comes with 4 mice & food...Books Extra- $20.00 each  set (only have 1  now )                                                                                               ( in #05B-black mice )


The mice family is so cute, kids should have fun playing with them in the play set too.... Melissa

Cute short story... Roger


I am working on more stories about Island Mouse, so keep watching for those that enjoy reading them......  :-)