You're Special Too!  Shoes, Cakes & things
* only means can be seen on another page ...there not more than one of them...

Shoes and things
also shoes for hopscotch hill girls & wellie wishers (size 6), My Twinns dolls (size1) 
American girls /18" dolls shoes are marked....

1-White Shoes size 0
$4.50 each

bitty baby shoes
only 2 prs of blue left

black gold star
 slip on shoes  (boy or girl)
1 pair left

1-Coarl high sandals left

1-purple slipper sandals left

Mary Jane Style shoes
in2-Black & 2-White
$7.00 each

homemade slip on shoe
brown trim

tan boots
(for Boy or Girl)


felt Dutch shoes
home made
Fun shoes

Unicorn shoes

In white, pink & purple
$8.00 ec

New 3-White Kitty shoes
$6.50 each

New  Sandals-White/pink,
Green,  pink
and black w/white dots
$6.50 each pair

New 2- pink & 1-white sandals
cute with wedding dresses too....
6.50 each

1-Boys brown sandals*

dressy slip on shoes
in purple, pink, yellow, 
gold, black, white & silver
$6.50 each

only 1 pair silver & gold Left

3 pairsof white ones for
the Wedding dresses left....

Mary Janes Shoes for Wellie wishers
no red sold out
$5.50 each

slip on for wellie wishers

1-Brown flowers
(style like shown in picture)

tights 14 & 18"
$3.50 each

New 18" tights
pink,black. purple,bone & white
$5.00 each

AG-3 pair of Knee socks
1-Gray stripe
1-pink hearts
3-gray dots
$2.50 each pair

AG- tights


Winter-  $2.& up
Sun visors-1.50 each
Fleece Mittens
blue, green, pink, purple
$1.50 each pair

tights colorful & plain ones
$3.50 each

tan leggings carpi

New Brown tights In
18" & 14" W.Wishers

Blue Undershirt/pants set

black or gray
$5.00 each

New Mittens
in different colors
$1.50 each

AG- Briefs*
boy underwear
white, Ivory & (green sold)
$3.50 each

AG-Under pants
maybe in different color or style
$3.00 each

Package of 7
weekdays panties

AG- 613
color Ankle Socks
colored lace in
a-green b- pink c- blue
new colors below
$3.50 each pair

plain white bobby socks $1.50 each

lacey socks
14 &  18" sizes
$2.50 ec

New eye glasses

Sun glasses
May be different style than shown here
4.00 each

nurse hat

full Purple ring Scarf

thin Pink ring scarfs

Hawaiian Lei's Necklace or headband
& leg/arm bands sets too
as shown in picture --->

AG-777 ...Victorian style

AG-775...1930's style hat

Bedding 1
blue & pink flowers
doll bedding...
 spread, & 3 pillows as shown

Bedding 2
Bedding in 70's style
spread & 2 pillows only

Bedding 3
Bedding colonial style
spread & 3 pillows

#9 flowers in bloom
wedding cake
or any event

Foam Cakes for 18" dolls
      DO NOT EAT Cakes
Wedding Cakes dollar off, when you buy a wedding dress too!

#2-Princess cake

#3- Owl cake
in the glass holder base is a tree & owl

#4-Fish Cake
in Glass holder base is like a fish tank

#5-Butterfly & Lady bug cake
inside glass base is a flower

11-Unicorn birthday Cake

#7-Pink Butterfly Hat cake

#1- birthday cake*
Mini cake for 6" dolls

#8-Red wedding cake

#14- Suclan wedding cake
or for any event

#10- moon wedding cake

purple wedding cake

#13 white rose wedding

#15-black & white bear
 wedding Cake